At Port Royal

This is the post excerpt.

Upon my arrival in Jamaica I found myself in the presence of quite the damsel, whom I found swooning from the battlements. I decided to take the poor madam into my own custody along with the intent of commandeering a swanky vessel. As I was bringing this maiden into Port Royal I was beset upon The Queen’s own Navy-men, and they must of mistaken me for a kidnapper. Using my expert decision making skills I ditched the wench and attempted to make a mad dash in order to escape the Po Po. Following the maze that is the streets of Port Royal I was easily able to lose the guards, and I decided to refine myself to the quarters of a blacksmiths shop. But I was not alone. No, a young apprentice happened to interrupt my rest. After a fair bit of conversation we drew swords, and a most magnificent duel began to take place. I swung to left, and he parried to the right. I thrusted at his squishy parts and he deflected my blow, attempting to riposte. As I was carefully dodging his fast paced attacks the back of my head was slammed by a log, knocking me unconscious. Once I awoke I was again in the presence of the British guards, who arrested me and threw me into the dungeon. As evening falls I am writing this from the confines of my cell, awaiting my fate.charming-as-always-captain-jack-sparrow-32570197-578-506

Dat Recap of HSI

I know that the biggest thing I will take away from HSI is the people here. I will remember how everyone I met here had a goal in life and didn’t hide it. The people here want to do something with their lives which is a big improvement from the high schools I’ve been around because nearly everyone you meet is either too scared to share that they enjoy school and that they have a plan for their life, or they believe that parties and illegal things are all that matter. I will remember the friends I have made here. I have become friends with more people in this class of 48 in just a couple weeks, than I have in two years of high school with 1400 kids. I will remember all of the talent I saw here. Thien and Dillon where musical deities, Syler is a literary Genius, Jess and Rachel athletic gods, and everyone was an Academically outstanding achiever. The amount of skills these people had was only masked by one single unifying quality. The quality of Achievement. The students at HSI know how to work hard at a difficult problem over a long period of time. They put in the hours of practice to learn a musical instrument, they get up early and make the commitment of going to the gym in order to improve their athletic ability, they study because they want to learn, they push themselves, they work hard, and its all because they want to. The students of HSI enjoy becoming good at something and learning. We all enjoy education. That is what sets us apart from the rest. We are the people who go out and do things. Commit to things. We are the people who learn to love and love to learn.

Now to answer the questions mentioned on uwyo journalism.

What are the top 5 lessons you will remember from this class?

I will take away a lot about photography, the different styles and that pine cones = best picture.

What are the top 5 lessons you will remember from your sciences/math class?

There was a lot I learned about wiring and electrical engineering in my Robotics class.

What is your favorite memory from HSI?

Taco bell, that’s all I can say.

How do you think you’ve grown as a person from coming to HSI?

I definitely feel like its time for another phase to begin in my life, I feel like I need to grow up a bit.

How do you think HSI prepared you for college life and your future career path?

HSI hasn’t prepared me for college but rather broadened my horizons. It was a good experience to see what college is like, at least for a freshman, and now I think I want to try to do something big with my life straight out of high school and come back to college later on in life.

If you could re-live HSI, what would you do differently?

Nothing, and that’s a lot to say considering that I am the culprit behind the iPad incident, and its because the mistakes I make help me grow as a person.

What will you tell your friends and family back home about HSI?

I have already told a freshman friend of mine to apply, because she and I share a lot of similarities. I will tell my family what I said at the beginning of this blog, because that is what I feel that HSI best provides, An environment of people who are at the same age and stage  who want to do something with their life.

Personal media experiences

In my lifetime I think it would be easier to explain how the lack of media affected me. There is no specific time period in which I can exactly explain when I felt like I was behind everyone else. They would talk about the things they saw on social media and dumb videos and other things I had no interest in, and in the small town I lived in it practically felt like these things people saw where universal.

Another instance of media affecting my life is body image. I really felt like I had to be manly at a young age, With manly characteristics like a deep voice and athleticism. gnome_child___psd__by_ady_bee-d7w6ilk



I definitely feel like men have a large advantage when it comes to media portrayal of body image. Most of the time many of the features that make men attractive are torso and bodily oriented such as low body fat and muscular figure. In addition there are many different “attractive” body images for men. There’s the Nerdy look and the Athlete look



for example, and their features vary greatly. Achieving an ideal body type for men is not extremely difficult. Women on the other hand are greatly disadvantaged. The ideal body type has remained nearly the same for at least the past 4 years with little to no variation. In addition women are expected to have a certain type of face10-super-hot-victorias-secret-models-turned-mothers

Notice how all of these Victoria’s secret models have the same height, slim legs, similar hair length,  and the same type of jaw and smile. Nearly every female model shares these same features.


And Tango Makes three

The book follows the story of a male couple of penguins at central park zoo who raise an egg together and live a happy family life.

The book pushes a political agenda on children and promotes homosexual behaviors.

I feel like the book is oriented towards families who have two dads or two moms and it gives children a book to relate their life too. I can only speculate but growing up with two dads or two moms wouldn’t come as odd until i realized that other children around me had a mom and a dad. This book was made for kids in this situation to know that even though they aren’t the norm they are still normal.

The books ban is horrible. By banning it you shelter children from the world around them and also attempt to single out kids who have same sex parents.

I don’t often read books anymore. But when i did they were usually philosophical pieces and spiritual pieces. I remember reading the bible and then wanting to go visit a synagogue and explore a mosque because I wanted to see what different religions where like.

I have read 0 of the top ten books in the list but I know about many of them; To kill a mockingbird and I know why the caged bird sings has racial issues, Brave new world is sexual, 1984 is a dystopian society, Lolita has child pornography, Catcher in the rye has offensive language and strong emotion, The harry potter series is about witchcraft, and The adventures of Huckleberry Finn has racism in it.

Book banning should be illegal. It prevents someones form of expression to the audience as a whole. When a guy gets his own radio show where he talks about how the holocaust was faked and that President is trying to tear this country down, I turn off the radio, I switch the channel. That man is just as entitled to his opinion of this country as I am. I don’t have to listen to people I don’t want too. Books are the same. If someone wants to express their opinion through a book and the audience doesn’t like it then the audience can set the book down and not read it.

Banning a book is like banning an idea, and George Bush, Banning an idea is impossible. A book is simply made to make the reader aware of the idea the author is trying to illustrate through literary devices. If the book is burned the Idea lives on.

The first amendment is designed to protect the spread of Ideas, and a book is a way that ideas are spread. In this light the first amendment effectively bans book banning.

Dat Documentary

I feel as if that video was extremely biased. They frequently used music to imply an ominous feeling. They always showed the same point of view from multiple people in order to have the viewer feel as if they were getting a well rounded opinion when in reality it showed a bunch of people agreeing. All of the narration was leading the viewer towards the biased opinion that teenagers are incapable of realizing they are being played like pawns in the pieces of corporations. In addition, The video often did a poor job explaining what the numbers actually meant. For example, when the documentary talked about subscribers it never explained that a large majority of you tube users will subscribe to a channel and never visit it again. Also, the video had a target audience. Concerned parents and people who have social media paranoia. The video effectively grouped together all teens into this same ideology where every teenage is portrayed as a mindless potato with roots that grow into a computer screen searching for likes. It never accounted for the vast majority of people, at least in my life, that are moderate social media users. People who check Facebook when they are bored or when they want a quick laugh. A good thing about the video however is that one of the themes was accurate, that consumers are becoming a marketing source.

I believe the one thing you can take away from this is that media presentation is cyclical. We go through similar phases every couple of decades. A couple years into presenting a new product i.e. social media and everybody sees it as the next best thing and commit a lot of time, but people realize all of the (Lack of better expression) bullshit being fed to them. Then they become “media literate” and stop over time. Then we wait for the next big thing to come out and just flood it and let the waters die down.

I didn’t know how to describe selling out when the question was asked but I when it was explained I thought to myself “oh yea I see stuff like that all the time”.

If a company wants to integrate content and advertising and they do a good job and people like it and it benefits the company then I see no reason not to. If I were to click a video about people failing at a video game but it was filled with “Don’t forget to grab a Pepsi my dudes” and poor advertising techniques i’d stop watching it and would likely not watch any other videos. But on the other side of things if a video said it was sponsored by ExampleCompany and buying their product supported them and I liked that product i’d probably buy it.